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The Almighty Marshall Rials

Creator of The False Warden: Heavenly Protector of Elemental Harmony

Centuries after the latest of the Elemental Wars, the planet of Maronyr is in ruin. The victors of this tempestuous sibling rivalry, the spirits of Storm, Water, and Ice, reign over the territory of their conquered brethren. The warm wisdom of earth, replaced with cold, unyielding ice. Peaceful, pensive breezes given way to rage-filled clouds. The vibrant flame of life’s creation drowned out beneath the repetitive crashing of the waves.

The defeated spirits retain only memories of their power. Small manifestations remain, but their actions are closely monitored by an appointed celestial imprisoner. Or they were, until one man took it upon himself to once again bring balance to the world.  

The fabled savior of the Thieves Guild, Captain Marshall Rials, dwelt amongst the stars in his new, fully furnished, one-bedroom angelic apartment. One evenfall at the local celestial tavern, he overheard the Elemental Jailor bragging of his duty, and the power he held over the “scum of the elements.”

As in life, The Captain could not bear such an unworthy fool to maintain his unjust position, and he knew what must be done. The Captain’s angelic appointment had only enhanced his skills as a thief: he was now capable of flight, disapparating into stardust, and a level 9 ball and cup spell.

With such prowess, it was simple enough to slip into the celestial prison, incapacitate the Elemental Jailor, and free the subjugated elements, birthing anew their elemental seeds upon the material plane. And so the False Warden took up watch of his usurped post. Only he and those few mortals deemed worthy know his true identity and his true intention: nurture the seedling elements, and bring harmony to the world.

Listen for the False Warden's debut in Episode 43 of The Kain Campaign!

Crown Molding of Legends

  • David McDermott The Matchmaker - Whose love potion was so strong it could not be opened, for its bottle was loathe to part with it.

  • Jessica Fancon The Sooth Sayer - Whose predictions allowed her to win a BRAND NEW CARavan on the hit game show, “The Price Is Knight!”

  • Maggie Conrad The Optimist - Who revived the dying sun by looking on the bright side.



  • The Rakish Stuart James Who seduced the Baroness of the rakes and brought peace to the war-torn lands of Leaf-Pile Vale.
  • The Well-Read Shaun Greiner - Who won regency over the disputed Kingdom by besting the unworthy in the traditional contest of Tuesday Night Trivia.

  • The Thrice Scarred Nathan Muegge - One scar from defeating Alazar The Cruel, one from rescuing his betrothed from the clutches of a black dragon, and one from his grumpy pet liger, Oliver.

  • Adam Hart, Creator Of - Pik Misteye, first goblin king of Redhelm Mountain, the reforger of memory, who killed so many of his own family members he was orphaned before his birth!

WAINSCOTING of Champions

  • Neverwish: The Lord Who Waged War On Boring Chores
  • David "The gold-coated boatman of Floating Goat Moat" Conrad
  • Cory "The Frightfully Polite, Trident Wielding Titan" Prelerson
  • Thomas "The Humble Rough 'n' Tumble King's Uncle" Partridge

Wall Of Heroes

  • Alvin "The Rune Strewn Spittoon Tycoon" Chow
  • Richard "The Acclaimed Unnamed Wild Game Tamer" Gallo
  • Gary "King of Jams and Preserves" Gygax
  • Chris "Master of Disguise, Lies, and Pies" Perkins


  • Frank "The Merry Glowing Berry Grower" Lauerman
  • Patrick “The Tough, Rough, and Buff Scuffling Kerfuffler” Edwards
  • Kurtis Lude Steward of Canoodling Conkel
  • Aaron "Astute Duke of Reputed Flute Tooters" Krause
  • Anthony "The Adored Lord of the Hoard of Gourds" Pascone